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About Us: 

Founded in 1879, the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) promotes archaeological inquiry and public understanding of the material record of the human past to foster an appreciation of diverse cultures and our shared humanity.  The AIA supports archaeologists, their research and its dissemination, and the ethical practice of archaeology.  The AIA educates people of all ages about the significance of archaeological discovery and advocates the preservation of the world’s archaeological heritage.

The Vancouver Society of the AIA was chartered in 1966 and is one of over 100 local societies in Canada, the US, and overseas.  It is affiliated with and supported by the Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies at the University of British Columbia.

President: Joost Blom

Treasurer: Richard Ritson

Vice-President: Linda Lee Henriksen
Secretary: Matthew McCarty
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Program Coordinator:
Megan Daniels 
Communications Officer: TBA
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